Nettie Cronish

Nettie Cronish is a natural and organic foods chef, culinary instructor and cookbook writer. She is available for consulting and hands-on or demonstration instruction.


  • Meal Planning
  • Recipe Development
  • Recipe Testing
  • Product Specific Recipe Development

Culinary Instructor (Hands-on or Demonstration)

  • Private cooking classes –home or rented location
  • Corporate cooking classes – office or rented location
  • In-school cooking classes – kids and teens
  • Seminars – Built around ingredient or topic
  • Lunch and Learn – demonstration and sampling of a recipe during a lunch hour

Instruction Topics

  • 30-Minute Dinners
  • Beans and Grains, How to Combine
  • Buddha Bowls
  • Burritos
  • Cottage Food
  • Day in the Life (of a Vegetarian)
  • Deserts, Alternatives to White Sugar and Dairy
  • Eating Lower on the Food Chain
  • Entertaining Vegetarian
  • Feeding Kids
  • Flexitarian Dining, Veg and Meat
  • Going Green
  • Healthy Carbs
  • Healthy Lunches
  • Hide the Tofu
  • Hot Soups and Salads
  • Meal Planning
  • Organic Entertaining
  • Pantry Primer
  • Potluck Masterpieces
  • Quinoa 101
  • Tempeh, Miso, Mirin, and Tamari (Fermented Soy)
  • Veg Christmas
  • Veg Solstice
  • Veg Thanksgiving

Nettie also provides the following services:

  • Event Planning (Wellness Events,  Cooking Demonstrations, Product Sampling)
  • Product Promotion (Tradeshows, Food Festivals, Wellness Fairs)
  • Product Spokesperson (Fruits and Vegetables, Fair Trade Ingredients, Healthy Ingredients, Organic Ingredients )
To hire Nettie for consulting work or your next event, email nettiecronish(at)rogers(dot)com or use the form on our Contact page.
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