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Black Bean Chili with Frozen Tofu

Leftover tofu? Freeze it. Freezing tofu changes its soft texture to a chewy meatlike (ground chuck) coarse ingredient. It also increases tofu’s spongelike ability to absorb the flavours of ingredients or spices with which it’s cooked. Defrost tofu before using. Unwrap, place in a deep bowl and cover with boiling water and let stand for […]

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Quinoa Chili

Quinoa needs to be rinsed to remove bitter resin coating. It needs the coating to prevent insects and critters from eating it. You don’t. You can cook the quinoa in vegetable broth for added flavour. Roast the quinoa as you bring your water to a boil. Add broth or cubes to the boiling water. Usually […]

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Ancho Chocolate Chili

Dried chilies offer deep, smoky and earthy flavours and are a base for many spicy sauces. They are a rich source of  Vitamin A. Ancho, a dried version of the fresh poblano chili, is the most commonly used chile in Mexico. It is brick red to dark mahogany in colour and medium hot. If ancho […]

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