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Tamarind- The fruit of a tall tree (80 feet/24.3 meters), tamarinds resemble wide beans with long, reddish brown seedpods. They grow in tropical climates all over the world. When ripe, their sour green flesh turns brown and has a complex, roasted aroma. Used as a flavoring in sauces, soups and beverages, it is best known […]

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Basmati Rice and Coconut Milk Pudding

You can use any alternative milk in this basmati rice pudding recipe, almond, rice, hemp, they all work. A great recipe for frozen fruit as well. Makes: 6 servings Ingredients: 1 cup basmati rice 1 cinnamon stick 2 cups vanilla soymilk 2 cups coconut milk 6 cups sliced or small cubed fruit: berries, melon, banana, […]

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Nettie’s Fair Trade Trip to Brazil

I have been a member of the Fair Trade Canada Board for 6 years. This summer I had the opportunity to go on a Fair Trade trip to Brazil to meet growers and producers, and connect with the ingredients. I visited fields, walked the land and visited greenhouses. Farmers form Fair Trade collectives and are paid […]

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